I am very grateful with the whole Nitxies team for the excellent service and care provided to my girls and myself. They are polite and caring and understand what clients go through with these critters!!specially Ivette she’s an extraordinary person, I love you guys!


Palo Alto

Ivette, It has been such a nightmare for my family and me and you came and saved the day! You were so professional and friendly with the children and me. I feel 100% better and am so glad to be rid of our lice situation! I have already recommended you to 4 families even though they don’t have lice! You are incredible. Thank you!


After finding nits in the hair of my daughter I turned to Nitxies. The technician, Yvette, was extremely professional and helpful. She took the time to educate me and calm me. With her friendly manner she helped make a very difficult situation bearable. I would recommend this service to anyone going through this experience.

Palo Alto Ca,

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Working with Ivette from Nitxies was an extreme benefit to our family and worth every penny! Ivette is not only a wonderful person but an expert in treating lice infestations. The Nitxies destroys and removes BOTH LICE AND NITS. Ivette taught us this is of outmost importance to avoid re-infestation. In fact we believe we contracted lice from a family who did NOT useNitxies and treated their lice improperly. Ivette came to our house, treated our heads/ hair and gave us expert advice on how to deal with the rest of the house. With 1 treatment and Ivette’s advice we were able to eliminate the louse problem as quickly and easily as possible. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Ivette from Nitxies to anyone! Hopefully we will not need her services again but if we do I will call her immediately!

Mountain View

“After coming to the conclusion that RID and NIX were not going to work for my children after almost a month of fighting head lice, I called Ivette at Nitxies on a Saturday night out of complete desperation. To my happy surprise, she answered and set up an appointment for the following day (a Sunday!). She arrived to my home on time and was pleasant and wonderful with my children. She knows everything there is to know about lice and reassured me that her method would get rid of it for us once and for all. SHE WAS RIGHT! I am thrilled to report that Nitxies’s safe, chemical-free method is extremely effective for both getting rid of head lice and for returning mommy’s peace of mind! If conventional methods aren’t working for you, or if you want a safe and chemical-free way to effectively treat head lice, you MUST call Nitxies. It works and is worth every penny.”

South Bay

The person who just treated my daughter, Ivette, just left my house and I felt compelled to jump onto my computer and write this review. I found nits in my daughters hair a few days ago and immediately went online to find a service that could take my daughter. I was a little hesitant to try this place as it did not have a lot of reviews on Yelp, but I thought I’d give it a try. It was fantastic! Ivette was wonderful. She came directly to our house (she was able to take us right away). I was worried she was going to come in a van with “NITXIES LICE SERVICE” written all over it. But thankfully, she came in her personal car! She was extremely professional and very thorough! She took the time to show me the nits, and was very kind and gentle with my young daughter. It took one hour, but she was EXTREMELY thorough. She came back for a follow up appointment (she was always on time) and again, very thorough and kind. I highly recommend this service!

Palo Alto Ca,