Our treatment is Safe, 100% Non- Toxic, great smelling, and no mess!
Complete lice and nit removal.
No additional at home combing required.
Effective on the most Resistant mutant lice
Gentle kid approved no scary machines
Fast and convenient for busy families
Affordable and cost effective

There is no reason to use chemical pesticides such as permethrin or pyrethrum to treat head lice infestations, when there is a natural non-toxic options our treatment only uses naturally occurring minerals to effectively kill head lice and nits. Our treatment process is simple so you can get back to your normal life quickly and completely lice free.

Head lice screening

Head lice may be difficult to detect and unless you have had experience in finding or treating lice before, it could be difficult to do a proper check. We provide head checks in order to give you a definitive answer as to whether or not your child has a case of head lice.

Increasingly, more and more people are coming to Nitxies head lice removers for a head check and the peace of mind of knowing, for sure, if head lice is present or not in our experience approximately forty percent (40%) of those we screen for head lice at our head lice clinic do not have head lice infestation.

If head lice is present, we will discuss lice treatment options with you. If we find head lice on one family member, we strongly suggest that all family members be checked Asap, as lice are frequently spread among other members of the family.

***Head check fee is waived should lice be detected and our lice treatment services are provided***