Parents count on Nitxies head lice removal service to quickly and safely eliminate lice and nits without the use or pesticides


  • Kid friendly yet effective enough for adults
  • Discreet service
  • Flexible scheduling including weekend appointments
  • Professional technicians
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, Non chemicals
  • Honest lice removal service
  • Guaranteed

Head lice problems?

Nitxies head lice removal service located in San Mateo provides head lice screenings and complete lice elimination  in one visit at our treatment center or the comfort or your own home. We make it easy for you  no need to wasted time or money on un-necessary products or short cuts that could be noneffective save your self the hassle ! call/text  us : 650-440-1179

Why choose Nitxies head lice treatment:

 Our trained and  experienced technicians help  assist you through the difficulty of dealing with head lice infestation. We Guarantee our work and take lice treatment seriously, we are professionally trained to  find even the smallest nymph (baby louse) and every last visible nit (lice egg) all while being gentle to your hair and scalp. We take great pride in only using non-toxic pesticide free product’s.

Our Guarantee:

Our one visit, multi-step treatment process consist of methodically removing all head lice and nymphs, nits (louse eggs) with our professional metal comb we will comb-out hair section by section along with our school nurse, pediatrician favorite, lice killing treatment product for full lice removal. Guaranteed !!

Our process includes instructions for your home environment and post treatment support plus prevention tips.

For safe,honest and effective Nit and Lice elimination call Us,